Understanding colour tones. Warm and cool.This is going to change the way to do your makeup forever!

This lesson will completely change the way you view makeup colours and the way you choose your lipstick and blush.
Do not get frustrated with yourself if it takes you a while to fully understand colour undertones. Perfecting this skill comes with time.
Keep playing with makeup and put colours beside each other and compare undertones as often as possible.

1. In general it is better if both your lipstick and blush are of the same undertone. Warm or cool.
2. Warm tones have more orange to them while cool tones have more blue to them.
3. Do your best to make sure that if you are doing eye makeup that consists of warm tones try and pick a warm lipstick and blush.
For example if you are working with a brown eyeshadow that has reddish or orange undertones to it, choose a lip and cheek colour that is also warm or use a bronzer (not a bright blue toned pink).
4. Bronzer is generally an exception to the undertone rule as it can be used with both cool and warm colours as long as the bronzer isn’t super orange toned.
5. Be patient, try different colours together on your face and you will start to understand what works best together. Trust me it will become easier as you practice.