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Simplifying beauty one video at a time!

Arabella Trasca is known for enchanting a woman’s natural beauty like no one else!

As an accomplished international and published artist, Arabella is experienced in all aspects of the trade. Along with her extensive experience in makeup and skincare, Arabella has an amazing reputation for her ability to teach in a way that simplifies makeup so clearly. Step by step she helps women understand how to customize  makeup for themselves.

Each masterclass includes professional makeup advice that will  help you to better enhance your own beauty skills and deal with skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne,scars, sun spots, hooded eyelids and uneven eyebrows. 

The classes help you to discover new products and new ways of doing your makeup! Perfecting foundation, eyeshadow, liquid liner and learning how to create model-like natural looking eyebrows and much more!


Arabella’s master classes will include solutions for all common beauty concerns. She will show you how to improve uneven eyebrows, effectively contour and slim the face. How to enhance your skin and eyes in less than 10 minutes and also in depth glam looks for all ages.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all the skincare and makeup products flooding the market, Arabella  reviews thousands of products and keeps you in the know of what’s new and amazing. Her lessons offer guidance and reviews for what products work best for a variety of issues including anti-aging and acne. 

Whether you’re looking to be a makeup artist and understand the basics of makeup, colour and skin or simply upgrading your own makeup techniques, these masterclasses are for you !