Gua Sha Stone + Glow Elixir Bundle
Gua Sha Stone + Glow Elixir Bundle
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Gua Sha Stone + Glow Elixir Bundle

Gua Sha Stone + Glow Elixir Bundle

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The Ultimate bundle! The Gua Sha stone will help to strengthen, sculpt, and lift the skin while the Elixir gives the skin a beautiful glowing radiant look.

Using the Elixir and the Gua Sha stone daily will result in an incredible improvement to the appearance and texture of the skin.

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2 reviews for Gua Sha Stone + Glow Elixir Bundle

  1. Ula


    I truly enjoy your Gua Sha stone, great way to “rub” the elixir into my skin in a health way.
    The elixir has been my savior! It has healed my dry, red, irritated eczema on my face. It was so bad that I’d skip wearing any foundations or tinted creams, powders, they would all look flaky, exposing the dryness even more. I’ve tried all kinds of creams over the years, nothing has helped, my skin only got worse over time, or so it seemed.
    Your elixir has cleared up my skin completely! NO DRY SKIN! AT ALL!!! I wish I had tried it sooner. It’s a must have staple in my routine. My skin looovvveeessss you for you magic bottle of gold. 💖💖🙏🏼💖

    Keep doing what you’re doing because you are obviously doing something right.

    Many blessings


  2. Natalie Davis

    I purchased my first bottle on a whim. When I started using it I became obsessed with the feeling it gives my skin at that time it didn’t come with the stone, and I didn’t really use it the way it’s supposed to be used but even still loved it. Then Arabella came out with the Gua Sha stone and elixir combo. Since then it has been a game changer for my skin. Every morning after the shower I take 3-5 minutes and I feel incredible after. I cannot wear any makeup without this elixir. I am almost finished my second bottle and will be purchasing a 3rd. Doesn’t clog my pores, perfect to use with the stone, the stone is nice and cool and makes my skin feel tight and releases muscle tension. Perfection! Thanks Arabelle

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