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Ultimate Glow Elixir
Ultimate Glow Elixir
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Ultimate Glow Elixir
Ultimate Glow Elixir
Ultimate Glow Elixir
Ultimate Glow Elixir

Ultimate Glow Elixir

(16 customer reviews)


Skin nourishing, radiance-boosting face and décolleté anti-aging oil that protects and heals the skin. Blended with 100% pure botanical antioxidant-rich cold-pressed oils high in vitamins, minerals, and Beta-Carotene- your skin is left glowing from the inside out!



Want to know more…

The Ultimate Glow Elixir gives you visibly luminous glowing skin.

Each oil is hand-picked for its incredible benefits.

Argan Oil is valued for its healing properties and is full of vitamin E and antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals.

Carrot oil is one of the best oils in the world to fight the signs of ageing for all skin types.

Rosehip oil is high in essential fatty acids which help to heal dry, irritated skin by replenishing the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum to maximize absorption into the skin, making this elixir ideal to use on its own or to mix with your favourite moisturizer.

And lastly  Avocado oil repairs damaged skin tissue and can be effective in the treatment of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Which skin type is it good for?
✔ Normal
✔ Combination
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

Solutions for
✔ Dull Skin
✔ Fine lines and wrinkles
✔ Dryness
✔ Fatigued skin

Pro skin tip
• Enrich your favourite moisturizer or mask by adding a few drops of the Ultimate Glow Elixir to it. The Elixir helps your moisturizer penetrate deeper into the skin.

Pro Makeup tip
• Mix a few drops of the Ultimate Glow Elixir with your favourite foundation for an instant dewy luminous look. It’s like magic-trust me!

What it is formulated WITHOUT 
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates
– Preservatives
– Alcohol

Made in Canada using oils from Morocco, Argentina, Chile and Canada.

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 in


Argania Spinsosa (Argan) Oil
Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil
Rosa Canina (Rose hip) Seed oil
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil

About the Brand

As an International makeup artist and lover of skin care, I have had the privilege of testing out many skin care products and working with all types of skin concerns. I have noticed that women of every age and skin type all strive for a more youthful glowing look.

Being European, oils have always been a huge part of my skin care routine and therefore it was only natural for me to start mixing oils to use on my clients. I would create flawless, glowing skin that clients raved about. My skin oil was my secret weapon!

My clients loved the vibrant glow so much that I would give them bottles of my oil to take home and travel with. It wasn’t long until my clients kept returning to me with requests of more oil! I was truly surprised because most of my clients have access to the best skin care on the market and no budget limitations yet they were asking for my oil!

I then gave my oil to fellow beauty influencers, who all had incredible reactions to my oil. Disappearing dry patches, less eczema, plumper more glowing skin were among some of the regular feedback I received.

Even though my intention was never to start my own skincare line, I knew I couldn’t ignore the demand for my product. Thus, the Ultimate Glow Elixir was born!

I am very proud and excited to share the Ultimate Glow Elixir with you, so you too can have more youthful, radiant glowing skin!

Enjoy your glow!

16 reviews for Ultimate Glow Elixir

  1. Joy David-Tilberg

    I was lucky enough to try a sample bottle of her amazing Elixir a couple of years ago. My skin for years was always dry and patchy but her oil made all the difference. It was her oil that made me realize that face oils needed to be apart of my regular skin care routine. When I ran out, I told Arabella to please make more. Fast forward a few years later and I’m so happy to have another bottle. I use it daily. I love mixing it with my moisturizer. My skin has never been so soft and glowy!

  2. Rachel David

    I love the elixir! Been using it a month now and I love how healthy it makes my skin feel. People have said my skin looks really nice lately and I owe it to Arabella’s elixir.

  3. Kelly Coffin

    I have naturally combination skin but in the winter it dries out like crazy! I need to drink 5L of water just to have my skin keep up.
    I’ve always stayed away from oil based mosturizers because I don’t want to break out of get greasy, but after I saw Arabellas skin I HAD TO TRY HER SECRET FORMULA! It really changed the game. I use it at night and blend it with my foundation during the day, and my skin glows. I’ve seen such a difference in the way my skin adjusts to the colder temperatures, and it just feels like i have a shield over it. Elixir is amazing! highly reccomend!

  4. Carly Hackert

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Arabella for some time now. She is a master at what she does. From eyebrows to makeup to helping you pick products to use!
    I came to see Arabella and although I have good skin to begin with, it gets very dry. Now that we are in the thick of winter no amount of moisturizer has been helping. We talked and Arabella told me about her oil that she created. I took home a bottle and use it daily. My skin has changed so much. Goodbye to dry skin and hello to glowing dewy skin! I love this product. It’s so natural and not heavy or greasy. Some days I wear it under my makeup to create a more dewy look and other days I only have the oil on and my face glows!
    I highly suggest using Arabella’s elixir. It has made my skin 100% better and I can’t wait for the next bottle to keep my skin glowing!

  5. Kaela Baird

    I love the ultimate glow elixir! I’m a huge fan of beauty oils, if you can name it I’ve probably tried it. I have dry/sensitive skin and usually mix them all up throughout the week, but I have been using the glow elixir by itself for about a month straight now and I feel like it does what I would usually need 2 or 3 of my oils to do!

  6. Kristyn T

    I didn’t realize how much I needed this oil until I tried it! The Ultimate Glow Elixir has quickly become a favourite of mine and a staple in my everyday beauty routine. I use is on it’s own before bed, mixed into my moisturizer or ontop of my makeup for an added glow. It eliminates dry patches and makes my makeup look flawless and glowy all day. Highly recommend!

  7. Shari Koffman

    Omg! That’s what going to say when you try this Elixir. I’m on my 3rd bottle of this wonderful oil and I don’t go a day without it. My skin has been so dry and flaky this winter. Bella’s Elixir helped me through some awful periods of dryness. I use the oil on its own in the evening with my moisturizer. In the morning I add a couple of drops to my foundation and I have an immediate glow to my skin. My foundation seems to set better too. I’m left with a gorgeous illumination and smooth finish. Just when I thought I needed a new foundation, the Elixir breathed new life into my old one. Fabulous find! A true staple to add into any skincare routine. I’m in Love!! ❤️

  8. Brent T.

    As a man who is a heavy face sweater, I hate wearing moisturizer on my face – it makes me sweat even more. Problem is, I have dry flakey skin that really ages me. I tried the Glow Elixir on Arabella’s recommendation. I use 5 drops on my face at night after I shower and nothing else. In the morning, I rinse my face with water and go – no moisturizer, no excessive sweating, and best of all, no more dry skin! Seriously a life-changer!

  9. Anna K.

    The Ultimate Glow Elixir has become an essential part of my skincare. It is especially a skin-saver during this harsh Canadian winter. I felt the difference in my skin from the very first use, and I use it as the last step in my routine to lock in the moisture and act as a barrier. The quality, pure ingredients in the oil topped with its pleasant finish and minimal scent make it a a pleasure to use. In fact, I could eliminate all the steps in my skincare routine and keep the UGE and be happy and hydrated! Highly recommend it.

  10. Lynda Prince

    My go to serum is Glow Elixir by Arabella Trasca. A must in anyone’s cosmetic arsenal.
    I used to use numerous products on my face before applying my makeup but after a tutorial by Arabella I realized not only was I wasting a lot of money but it was unnecessary & counterproductive.
    Elixir has become a staple in my daily routine & I love it. ♥️

  11. Leon

    When I received the product I was a bit skeptical. I used it for scars on my face and I always had dry skin. Over the next few weeks the scars went away and my face had a glow to it,which many ppl complimented me on. Now I’m addicted to this product and its my everyday morning routine. I also love the fact that it’s all natural. Would love to see her expand her line. Maybe a beard oil for men😉

  12. Ania Niemiec

    I love the Ultimate Glow Elixer 😍!!
    I have oily skin and I was a bit nervous putting more oil onto my skin. However, since meeting Arabella, everything that she does or recommend is very genuine. Once I tried the Elixer I use it daily now. It makes my skin glow and gives this natural radiance. It’s very light weight and natural. I’m a bit obsessed with how amazingly it transforms my skin to this dewy natural glow. Thank you Beautiful Lady for creating this fantastic product!!! I’m in Love ❤️!!!

  13. Tamie Reinhold

    I am so excited about Arabella’s Glow Elixir! If you are an all-natural-skincare-lover like me – this is the right skin care product for you that you absolutely have to try! No nasty chemicals, no unpronounceable mysterious ingredients – just pure natural ingredients in the best quality that nature in its abundance gave us to get healthy, glowing skin. It just feels amazing on my skin, I can literally feel how my skin drinks it in and gets nourished. It just makes me feel good to know that I am doing something for my skin that is 100% natural. I can only recommend it. Try it!

  14. Dimitra

    Arabella is a genius!!!! Been in the business for a really long time, I have tried SO many different oils and I got to tell you this oil is beyond amazing.
    If you have not purchased your missing out!!! Xo

  15. Mirasmuse

    I love this oil as my last step in my makeup routine! Gave my skin a beautiful glow from within and I’ve been glowing for days since I started using it constantly! Obsessed with this edition in my skincare routine! 😍

  16. Ayesha I (verified owner)

    The Ultimate Glow Elixir is such an incredible product! Having spent most my life in sunny places, the New York winter has been a nightmare for my skin to adjust to. I’ve tried a variety of (expensive!!) serums but hadn’t found anything that was working really well until this elixir. I’m so happy that it’s so much more affordable and that it’s allllll natural products! The oil itself is a beautiful consistency and has honestly made such a difference in the first few days of use. My make up glides on flawlessly, I’ve even found that I use a little less foundation when using the elixir. I’m such a fan of this product and would highly recommend!

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